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​From Tempura A, Oakland.... 5/16/13

NEWSFLASH: Dr. Cunningham is back in practice! I just had an appointment with her today. She's as focused, vibrant and caring as ever. Lori, the office receptionist, is good natured and kind. So, despite the spartan decor, she makes the office vibe warm and welcoming.

I appreciated the buttery soft fabric dressing gown and privacy sheet I was provided with for my annual pelvic exam. When I asked the doctor about them, she said that she had sewn and dyed them a soothing lavender color herself. They're made of a blend of cotton and bamboo that she felt would make her patients feel more comfortable during office visits. Yeah, no wonder she didn't fit into the corporate medical machine at Prima Medical Group.

After a detailed exam, all of my one hundred and one questions answered and a prescription adjusted, I went on my way knowing that I'm all good for another year having been in Dr. Cunningham's care.

From Renee R, San Rafael... 4/25/2013

I was looking for a new Ob-gun, and while I had gone to a doctor at the Prima group before, she's was no longe there. I agree that this practice has a very cold feel to it. So I checked out Yelp and found out about Dr Cunningham.

My visit was wonderful. She answered all my questions about continuing hormones, gave an excellent exam,and a hug because I told her that my mom had died,

Because she is having to start over, there may be insurance issues, lim holding my breath to see if my insurance will take her as in network, so beware that, but as a doctor, I will definitively giver her two thumbs up!

From Ode L, Novato... 1/25/2013

Nona saved my life! I've been her patient for many many years and during my routine breast exam in 2006 she discovered a tiny lump that turned out to be cancer. Thanks to her, it was caught early, at stage 1. 
She is the most caring and down-to-earth doctor I've ever had, and my heart just sank when I got the letter from Prima that she's not with them anymore. I'm so happy that she has her own practice now!

From Cathy S, San Rafael... 4/16/2013

Thank God you are back in practice!!!!! Dr. Cunningham is the best GYN I have ever gone to. I have been going to her for almost 18 years. I am so very happy that I have found her again!!!

From Rach E, Novato... 3/5/2013

I have never met such a kind and caring Dr. (especially a OBGYN). Nona has a warmth about her that you can feel when she walks into the room. I had my first appointment with her this morning, and she made a huge impression. I cannot believe I have been putting up with my previous OBGYN for this long. I should have switched to Nona sooner!!

From Rose H, San Rafael... 1/10/2013

I had been going to the practice where Nona Cunningham previously worked since I moved to Marin back in 2004. I started out going to another Doctor in that practice but when he wasn't available one day, I saw Nona instead. Wow. She is one amazing lady and one amazing Doctor and she made my other Doctor look like chopped liver. She is patient and caring and real...always willing to take as much time as I needed to carefully answer my questions and address my concerns, talks to me like she's an old friend. She seen me through a pregnancy and several other health issues and has always treated me with respect, made me feel like my health is her primary concern. There is one hazard of having a Doctor who patiently gives you her time... this means she also gives others her time and that might mean you have to wait a little to see her. But, let me just say, that she is worth the wait.  

I was shocked to hear that Prima Medical Group told her that she was "the kind of Dr that wouldn't be able to get PRIMA to where it wanted to go". I must say that any health care organization that doesn't want a Dr. like Nona Cunningham isn't valuing the right things and certainly isn't a health care provider that I want to patronize. Thank God I was able to get her email address because there is simply no one that could replace her. I have gladly followed her to her new practice and you should too. She rocks.

Susannah N, Novato.... 1/8/2013

I've been seeing Dr. Cunningham for over 3 years, since I first became pregnant with my daughter. She also delivered my daughter.

Due to the set-up of her previous practice, I saw almost all the other doctors in the office during my pregnancy. Dr. Cunningham was by far my favorite. She took as much time as necessary to answer all my questions, explain any given issue, and just get to know me. She is a wonderful human being, not just a doctor. 

I remember hoping that she'd be on call the day I delivered my baby, since the old practice doesn't allow you to choose who delivers you. I guess I'm lucky, because she was! The delivery was beautifully easy, and I didn't have a single abrasion (!!). She is a spectacular coach.

A few months ago, I had a miscarriage, and Dr. Cunningham treated me with wonderful care and compassion.

I always joked with my husband and friends that if I ever had another baby, I'd bribe Dr. Cunningham with whatever amount of money she asked for in order to guarantee that SHE was the one who delivered my baby. Now that she has her own practice, she can! 

I wouldn't go to anyone else, and I am THRILLED that she has her own practice now.

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